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Access Virus TI Snow

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Access Virus TI Snow




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The Access Virus TI Snow is perfect for anyone looking for a compact-yet-powerful desktop synth for live performance and music creation. The TI Snow is 100% compatible with all patches for the TI series and plays back a maximum of 50 voices with 4 multi-timbral parts. Live musicians will appreciate the ability to switch between patches easily with the TI Snow's intuitive interface. Using the same sound engine as the other synths in Access' popular TI line, the portable Acess TI Snow is a must-have for synth fans!

Acess Virus TI Snow at a Glance:

  • Boasts the Virus TI sound engine

  • Total Integration with your DAW

  • Slim size means ultra-portability

Virus TI sound engine

The Virus TI and the Virus TI Polar are incredibly popular for their wicked sound design abilities and performer-friendly interface - the TI Snow boasts that same sonic-sculpting, performance-ready sound engine and interface, just in a highly portable enclosure! With a wealth of oscillator models, including virtual analog, wavetable, graintable, hypersaw, and formant oscillators to craft your signature sound, the TI Snow also has multiple filter models including a Moog cascade emulation with one to four poles! If all these possibilities weren't enough for your sound, you can even get that popular warm lo-fi sound into your music easily with the TI Snow's excellent FM types. With per part delay and reverb, send multiple, simultaneous effects in single and multi mode and still get that same great TI sound! Multiple other effects including distortion algorithms, chorus/flanger, phaser, ring modulator, and global vocoding ability mean the TI Snow is full of ways to ignite your creativity.

Total Integration with your DAW

The TI in TI Snow stands for Total Integration, and Access really delivers. Essentially, you can stream audio from the Virus TI into a plug-in that's hosted by your choice of digital audio workstation. Sample-accurate MIDi timing, and the ability to process the output of your synth directly with other effect plug-ins make the Snow incredibly usable with whatever setup you currently run. Enjoy the hands-on feel of true outboard synth that integrates seamlessly with your DAW as a plug-in! The TI Snow is TI certified for the essential DAWs, including Logic, Cubase, Live, Pro Tools, and Sonar!

Slim size means ultra-portability

With the TI Snow, you will enjoy the ability to take your sound anywhere. It's roughly the size of a magazine, with a sleek winter-white finish and the Access signature wood rail beneath the front panel. Housing the Snow elegantly, a stylish Access bag is included that leaves enough room for the power supply and any essential cables- just grab your laptop, your TI Snow, and go!

Main Features:

  • 11" x 6"

  • Same Virus TI sound engine and software integration

  • Can edit sounds with Virus Control, a VST/AU/RTAS compatible plug-in

  • 16 patch select buttons for fast access to edit menus

  • Three main oscillators and one sub oscillator per voice

  • Virtual analog, hypersaw, wavetable, graintable, and formant oscillators

  • Two fully independent filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop)

  • Saturation module located between both filter blocks

  • Two-dimensional modulation matrix with six slots

  • Independent delay and reverb per patch (even in multi mode)

  • Distortion, lo-fi algorithms, phaser, chorus, flanger, analog boost, ring modulator

  • 3-band EQ and global vocoder

  • patches sound the same between single and multi mode

  • Each patch has its own arpeggiator with 32 programmable steps

  • Two 1/4" outputs (R/L) with 192/24 D/A converters

  • Two 1/4" inputs with 24-bit A/D

  • Over 1,000 presets

  • More than 6,000 free patches available

  • MIDI I/O

  • USB can send MIDI and audio signal to computer at 12 MB/s

  • Winter-white finish, white LED and display, wood rail beneath the front panel

  • Every part can be panned dynamically between two stereo outputs

  • 6 knobs, 21 buttons, 18 LEDs

  • Between 10 to 50 voices, depending on the complexity of the patch

  • Multi programs can have fully-independent embeeded singles without links to single banks

  • 512 RAM and 512 ROM patches

  • 52 embedded multi-patches, 4 part in multi mode

  • Adaptive control-smoothing makes easy parameter changes

  • Knob quantize can make parameter changes at set intervals for step sequencer-like sounds

  • Sample-accurate integration with multiple DAWs

  • Certified Total Integration with Logic 8, Cubase 4, Live 7, Pro Tool 7.4, Sonar 7, ImagineLine 7.4