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Cycling '74 Eobody2




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USB 8 SensorboxCycling '74 is the U.S. distributor for the Eobody2 Sensorbox developed by eowave in Paris, France.The USB 8 Sensorbox is a versatile plug & play USB interface which is plugged ...

USB 8 Sensorbox

Cycling '74 is the U.S. distributor for the Eobody2 Sensorbox developed by eowave in Paris, France.

The USB 8 Sensorbox is a versatile plug & play USB interface which is plugged directly into your computer, so you can use sensors with your software sequencer.

Eobody2 USB 8 Sensorbox is compatible with all MIDI-supported software. Its internal signal processing has been especially developed for music and video applications. The Eobody2 Editor adjusts internal process parameters and shapes the outcoming signal waveform (status/analogue zoom/digital zoom & offset/inverse/lag processor/gate/note on/off/). These settings can be stored in Sensorbox non-volatile memory. As a result, you can store an entire installation or performance setup inside a Sensorbox and save it for a future use.

High-speed USB significantly reduces the latency. And 12-bit resolution avoids ‘scale effects’ which allows a nearly linear conversion curve. Sensorboxes can be plugged directly into your computer or into a USB hub (if you want more than one).

Eobody2 USB 8 Sensorbox is a versatile solution for musicians and performers. You can trigger and modulate sounds and videos, and create new sensor-based instruments with no computer programming background. The Eobody2 sensor system is not only limited to musicians and performers. Other applications include healthcare apps, car simulators, fireworks triggering, robotics and step motors control. With the Eobody2 sensor system, all these application types will be directly accessible with the appropriate module. (New modules currently in development.)

About the Editor

Eobody2 is delivered with a free PC, Mac, IntelCore compatible editor. The main editor window enables to request and dump information from/to Eobody to the computer. With the Knobs & Switches Window, you can configure the parameters from the 3 free assignable potentiometers & 4 free assignable switches from Eobody, whilst with the Inputs 1-8 & Inputs 9-16 Windows, parameters per input such as status, resolution, zoom & offset, MIDI message types, channel, gate, subsampling or note on/off can be set. Then, you may test your configuration with the Input Monitor from the Main Editor Window where the activity of each inputs is represented by a bargraph which should react to the activation of the sensor you are using. Once the configuration is done, you don't need your computer anymore. Eobody will keep the present configuration in a non-volatile memory.

Most recent Editor software releases can be downloaded from


  • Flex sensor: Flex/Bend sensor responds to a physical range between straight and a 90 degree bend. This sensor uses the same technology as many of the glove controllers used for video consoles or computer games. It outputs a conditioned signal in the industry standard voltage range of 0.25-4.75 Volts.
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  • Dual Axis Accelerometer sensor: This sensor measures gestural energy in two directions. Applications include mounting on instruments, mechanical installations, and other surfaces that may be in some form of motion. Fully conditioned and scaled the output signal to the industry standard voltage range of 0.25-4.75 Volts.