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Dunlop Rotovibe Univibe + Tone Bakery Creme Brulee Pedal Combo




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Dunlop Rotovibe Univibe + Tone Bakery Creme Brulee Boost Pedal Combo

To sound like a Klon, start with Gain at zero, Treble at 50%, and Output at 50%.

The Tone Bakery Creme Brulee Boost makes your lead tones sing and your rhythm tones warm and fat.  It started life as a recreation of the most highly valued boost of all time, then we added a slight bump in the midrange to make it extra creamy.  Think Warren Haynes/David Grissom.  The Creme Brulee doesn't take anything away from your natural tone, it sounds like an extension of your amp.  You might never shut it off!


A legendary boost circuit, served up extra creamy
Lower noise level than the original
Pristine buffer improves your tone even when the Creme Brulee is bypassed

The Creme Brulee has three knobs:  Gain, Treble, and Output.  With Gain at zero and Treble at 50%, you can use the Output control to provide a clean boost that sounds three dimensional and alive.  Dial in a little Gain and Treble for a gentle and natural "in between" overdrive tone, like a vintage tweed amp running its power tubes hot.  Turn the Gain up high with the Treble up halfway or higher for a 70's/80's crunch.  Mix any of these tones together with your amp's own overdrive for liquid lead tones.


Dunlop Rotovibe Univibe

The Rotovibe is a chorus/vibrato effect that can simulate rotating speaker sounds popularized by Hendrix and many others
This is a very expressive effect, thanks to its built-in real-time control. Choose either Chorus or Vibrato, adjust the intensity of the effect, and then control the effect's speed by rocking the pedal back and forth. A mainstay on Zakk Wylde's pedalboard. Power: Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter or Single 9 volt battery.

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