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Dusted William Sounds Super Funky Ass Drum Loops




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What do you do when you have a passion for the funk and you crave that old school breakbeat sound?

You either record a dope ass set of drums played by one cool mofo, in a studio that is tighter than you're Mama's blue jeans, on mics that pride themselves on the ability to listen in on the secret conversations of butterflies....

...or you buy the


What you'll get is over 200 loops in both of the following formats.



WAV -> So you can load them directly into your DAW or cut them up the way you want.
RX2 (Recycle) -> You can load them into Reason, or any other app that accepts the RX2 format.


Great pains were taken to make the drum room as dry as possible.  To do this Spinner Studio hand-built an impressive amount of sound absorbing material to control the amount of reflections coming off the wall. 

There is a mic on every drum, a set of room mics as well as overheads.  A total of 11 channels, all being mixed into one super funky stereo track.  Each loop is edited and looped to perfection.  The loops vary in tempo and are at least 1-2 bars long with some fills thrown in for good measure.

Dusted William Sounds Super Funky Ass Drum Loops!  A collection of over 200 loops in the classic 70's breakbeat style.  Recorded in a pristine drum room through expensive mics, with an emphasis on a tight and snappy sound. 

The loops are available in .wav format 24\44.1 as well as Recycle format.

The drums were played by Aaron Pearl and recorded in Spinner Studios by Dave Brown.

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