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Fxpansion Cypher2 Cinematic Impact Expander




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Cypher2 Expander Cinematic Impact


Incredibly realistic and deep percussion sounds ideal for use in soundtracks, game audio or for adding drama to your productions. Cymbals, toms, gongs, synth FX and atonal harmonics, all generated in real-time using Cypher2's engine - without any audio samples! Many of the MPE sounds here are perfect for creating enharmonic motifs, with the standard presets providing a percussive counterpart.

Geared towards the vast, epic and infinite, use these sounds created by sound designer Yuli Yolo to take your compositions into the unknown. These sounds are a perfect pairing with Strobe2 Expander: Cinematic Synthesis, giving you everything you need to build a full soundtrack.

5D sounds in this Cypher2 Expander have been optimised for the ROLI Seaboard RISE. 2D versions are also included that are not only compatible with conventional MIDI controllers but also feature dedicated modulation via channel pressure/aftertouch for supporting controllers.



42 presets (21 x 5D and 21 x standard unique presets)
Each preset includes performance and XY (5D only) pad modulation
Easy drag & drop installation
Compatible with both Cypher2 and Cypher2 Player



Cypher2 v2.5.1.2 and above