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Gemini SR-10SUB 10" Active Subwoofer




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The truth about mixing…When it comes to monitors and subs in a mixing environment, accuracy is crucial. Let’s be honest, a decent setup can sound great in your project studio, but...

The truth about mixing…

When it comes to monitors and subs in a mixing environment, accuracy is crucial. Let’s be honest, a decent setup can sound great in your project studio, but truly accurate monitors and subs will ensure your mix sounds great everywhere else – whether you’re listening in your car, on your portable media player or on your home stereo.  That’s why the cost-effective SR series from Gemini was designed to offer genuinely precise audio that truly reflects the state of your mix.

Build your mix, from the bass up.

Gemini’s SR-10SUB boasts a 10-inch woven glass aramid composite woofer for tight, accurate low-end response.  To complement this custom-designed low frequency driver, the elegant, magnetically shielded enclosure incorporates a front-firing port, which helps deliver clean, accurate bass.  While rear-firing ports can throw low-end frequencies into walls and corners, creating an imprecise image, front-firing ports ensure clear bass response for a mix without coloration, even at high SPLs.

Power and control: your room, your rules.

To reduce distortion, the monitor features a 175-watt high efficiency class D amplifier.  And because mixing environments vary from one room to another – a large professional studio, a mid-size project studio, a small bedroom, a spacious basement – the SR-10SUB provides controls for volume and crossover frequency.  The crossover frequency can be adjusted from 40Hz to 180Hz, allowing you to designate which frequencies are sent to your sub and which are sent to your main satellite speakers.  This ability to adjust your calibrations to fit your needs and your setting is both easy and extremely useful.

Style meets substance.

For flexible connectivity, the SR-10SUB provides XLR and TRS connectors, along with output jacks for connecting the sub to your full-range speakers.  A frequency response between 35Hz and 200Hz also guarantees accurate, well-balanced audio with true sonic clarity.  And when it comes to looks, this sleek, black sub with its red woven woofer offers a stylish complement to your mixing space.

Ideal for a variety of mixing rooms, Gemini’s SR series offers value, power and precision for professional studios, home recording setups and everything in between, giving you the power to create the best mix possible.

Main Features:

  • 175W high efficiency Class-D amplifier

  • 10’’ red woven glass aramid composite woofer

  • Balanced (XLR & ¼”) input

  • Built-in crossover

  • Pass-through capability for direct connection to monitors

  • Slotted ports for reduced distortion

  • Attractive design with rounded edges and Red woofer

  • Magnetically shielded

  • Volume Control

  • Power indicator