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iZotope Post Production Surround Reverb Bundle




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Post Production Surround Reverb Bundle

Powerful spatial effects for music, dialogue, and post production

Dialogue Match
Stratus by Exponential Audio
Symphony by Exponential Audio


Post Production Surround Reverb Bundle lets you add a realistic or colorful sense of space to dialogue, music, or post production projects with 7.1 surround support.

sleeve displays Dialogue Match, Stratus, and Symphony

Bring depth and consistency to any post session

With Post Production Reverb Bundle, you can use the revolutionary new reverb matching technology of Dialogue Match to duplicate the sonic profile of a specific recording, or create natural or character-filled spaces all your own with Stratus and Symphony. 


Why bundle with iZotope?

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Industry-leading technology at an unrivaled price break

Bundling software is the best way to get the most for your money.


Audio tools assembled for any project, any genre

iZotope bundles ensure that you’ll have all you need for any project.
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What people are saying about iZotope products

Dennis Sands


"I record and mix original music score for film. Exponential Audio reverb plugins are the most useful and musical traditional reverbs that I have found on the market today. Whether it’s a stereo soundtrack album or a Cinema Atmos mix (or any other format), I use the Exponential Audio verbs extensively."

Dennis Sands

Sound Engineer
Avengers - Infinity War, Godzilla



Doug Mountain


“Dialogue Match is an amazing breakthrough for Post Production Audio. We now have a way of seamlessly matching EQ, reverb, and ambience of ADR to existing production recordings. This takes all the guesswork and time out of mixing ADR into existing production. It’s a huge timesaver. You can’t even tell what is ADR now, it blends so perfectly with production. This is a serious game changer.”

Doug Mountain

Dialogue Editor
The Walking Dead, Catch-22


Will Files

"I’m thrilled to see two of my favorite audio developers coming together, and very excited to see what kind of brilliant new toys and tools come out of it!  iZotope and Exponential have both been on the leading edge of audio software for years and I find myself using both their products in literally every single mix that I do."

Will Files

Sound Designer
Deadpool, Star Wars - The Force Awakens, Stranger Things



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Introducing Dialogue Match

iZotope has created a brand-new tool that will revolutionize dialogue editing and ADR workflows. Introducing Dialogue Match.



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Reverb is all around you. Learn what it is, why it matters, and how you could use reverb plug-ins like those from Exponential Audio to improve your next music or post-production.

sleeve displays Dialogue Match, Stratus, and Symphony

Post Production Surround Reverb Bundle

Includes Dialogue Match, (a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in), Stratus, and Symphony.


Or upgrade to RX Post Production Suite 4 and save even more!


RX Post Production Suite 4

Includes RX 7 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Neutron 3 Advanced, Stratus 3D, Symphony 3D, Insight 2, RX Loudness Control, 250 sound effects from Pro Sound Effects, and Groove3 video tutorials

RX post production suite 4 Plugin interface