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JRR Sounds Quant Collection Waldorf Quantum Sample Set




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JRR Sounds Quant Collection

Wavetable, formant, granular sampler, and state-of-the-art virtual analog oscillators meet Waldorf's legendary analog filters in one of the greatest synthesizers ever created: Quantum. Otherwordly, heavily modulated cinematic sounds abound in this rich collection.

Never before has it ever been possible to create such a vast array of sounds with one synthesizer. Classic analog, precise sample playback, harsh or animated digital, and sound and sequence clusters, much of which could formerly only be achieved with modular synthesizer systems.

Quant Collection consists of 511 patches and 27GB of audio painstakingly sampled through vintage UTC isolation transformers and state-of-the-art Lynx conversion. It is a complete collection of classic of pads, basses, leads, keys, and effects.

*Image is a depiction of the original hardware only. JRR Sounds sample sets currently do not have GUI's with images.


Quant Volumes

Quant Film

Quant Film (124 patches / 6GB) is full of atmospheres, discordant noises, and cinematic effects that truly represent the extremes of what the Quantum is capable of. Even the most harsh and cacophonous sounds are musical through the genuine analog filters.


Quant Pads A and B

Quant Pads A (119 patches / 6.5GB) and Quant Pads B (86 patches / 4.7GB) are what you came for. Lush and animated, with many sounds that are literally unattainable with any other synthesizer.


Quant Analog and Keys

 Quant Analog and Keys (80 patches / 4.2GB) is your go-to when you want more familiar sounds that rival the most legendary of analog synthesizers. Includes 18 Vangelis-style patches created by JRR's own Gianni Grisanzio!


Quant Basses and Leads

Basses and Leads (102 patches / 5.5GB) like you've never heard them before. Sounds that grab your ears and make you question everything you thought you knew about music.






Studio One Presence XT (EXS)


Air Music Tech Structure (EXS)

MOTU MachFive (EXS)



To install your new JRR Sounds library, simply move your downloaded zip file to your favorite sample folder and extract it from there. A folder called JRR Sounds will be created and inside it will be the individual folders for any JRR Sounds libraries you have purchased. If you have already purchased JRR Sounds libraries in the past, the new folder(s) will now show up in the JRR Sounds folder that had previously been created.

Once installed, please either drag and drop or open your new library from within your compatible sampler plugin.