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JSD Screaming Simple Cymbals




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Punchy Metalcore Cymbals - Kontakt/Wav

This cymbal set was sampled to provide the ultimate simple cymbal setup but packed with a powerful punchy sound in the metalcore genre.



Kontakt Instruments ALL (full kontakt 4 only)
Kontakt Multi, entire cymbal set in one instrument
Wav File for each sample
Each cymbal recorded with articulations and performed velocity
Cubase Drum Map for use with Kontakt Multi



Wav Files
Kontakt 4+



The instruments are Kontakt 4+ instruments and they require the full version of Kontakt 4+ (version or later)

Works with Kontakt Player in demo mode, but includes wav files to use however you'd like in other programs or plugins.




Recorded, Edited, Mixed by Joey Sturgis

All samples are a work of art created by Joey Sturgis.
You may not sell these samples as a work of your own.
You may use these samples in a music, video, or film production.
You may not sell these samples (as a whole, or in part) within other libraries, sample sets, or products of any kind.

Cymbal Info:
Hi Hat Paiste Twenty 14in
Crash Zildjian A Custom Rezo 18in
Crash Zildjian A Custom 20in
China Zildjian Oriental China Trash 18in
Ride Zildjian Z Custom Mega Bell 21in

Recording Info:
Recorded at 44.1 kHz 24 bit in .wav format
Pres Used: API 3124+, DigiMax D8, RME FF800, Great River ME-1NV
Clocks Used: BIGBEN
Convertors Used: RME FF800, DIGI 192 I/O
"Perfect Dynamics" achieved by pre-volume leveling of each articulation
All samples are "pre-panned" from the drummer's perspective
Pre-Mixed and ready for production by Joey Sturgis

Mic's Used:
Neumann, Rode, Oktava, Audio Technica