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Kilohearts Phase Distortion




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Are you tired of only warping signal amplitude like a pleb? Phase Distortion is here to deliver phase melting mayhem!

Traditionally, most distortion units overdrive and shape the amplitude of a signal in various ways to generate a rougher sound. Phase Distortion instead lets the signal modulate the phase of itself, essentially resulting in something similar to feedback FM. This way you can add that FM touch to any sound, to get a sweet 80's vibe or a filthy dubstep bass.

Will you use your newfound power for good or for evil?



 Controls the amount of distortion.



 Normalizes the signal, making the effect insensitive to input gain.



 Filters the modulation to reduce high frequency noise.



 Adds a constant phase offset to all harmonics.



 Spreads phase offset for left and right channels for a stereo effect.



 The dry/wet mix of this effect. A lower value will let some of the unmodified signal through.


 Settings panel

 Whenever you have your mouse cursor over a snapin theree is a small arrow at the top right corner (not visible in screenshot). It opens a settings panel where you handle presets.

It also has a "randomize" button that can be useful. I guess...


 Enabled checkbox

 The small checkbox to the left of the plugin name is a checkbox that bypasses the effect when disabled.


 Resize handle

 The bottom right corner of all Kilohearts plugins is a resize handle for scaling the UI to any size. This allows you to get a good view of the controls whatever the screen resolution, and also comes in handy if you need big controls, e.g. when using Phase Distortion as a real-time effect on a touchscreen monitor during a live set. (This is not available when the snapin is used inside a snapin host.)


Get more out of Phase Distortion!

Phase Distortion shines on it´s own, but it was primarily created to power up the different "Snapin Hosts" Kilohearts offer. These are bigger effects units that utilize all the available snapins and give you a really fun and creative workflow for combining them in any way you can think of. So have a look at Snap Heap and Multipass right now!