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Krotos Explosive Energy for Weaponiser




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Explosive Energy Sound Effects Library

Next-Gen Sci-Fi Explosion Sound Design at Lightspeed!

The Explosive Energy sound effects library by Penguin Grenade is a specialised sound design toolkit built for creating next-gen sci-fi explosion sounds, with full creativity.

Recorded and designed by award-winning sound designer Paul Stoughton (Skywalker Sound / Star Wars VR), this must-own collection has now been adapted as a straight out-of-the-box Weaponiser library, offering you enhanced explosive power that packs a punch!

Explosive Energy features over 1,000 sound assets (1.8 GB) especially designed for Weaponiser, and 30 Weaponiser presets designed by Paul Stoughton himself! It’s primed to be transformed into your own sound design, or create thousands of unique assets at lightspeed using Weaponiser’s powerful and efficient workflow.

This SFX library is divided into 3 modular categories (Transient, Body, and Tails), allowing you to mix and match layers and craft your own unique explosion sound design with immense flexibility.


Explosive Energy comes with 30 designed Weaponiser presets for instant power and variation. Thanks to Paul Stoughton’s collaboration and Weaponiser’s powerful sound bank system, the presets represent an immense explosive energy factory capable of delivering almost unlimited variations to your sound design. Thousands of explosive sound assets and variations can be generated and synced to screen immediately or exported for your game audio projects.

As well as being curated and adapted for use within Krotos’ Weaponiser software, you also get full access to all raw source sound files for use in a more traditional workflow including embedded metadata for use in Soundminer and Basehead.

Jump on board and travel into hyperspace for a deep exploration into the expanse of sci-fi explosion sound design!

Paul Stoughton

Explosive Energy started as a challenge to myself. Sometimes I like to impose strict limitations on what I can use to design something, finding that it can be more inspiring to be backed into a corner than having every tool at your disposal. I wanted to make explosions only from processed source recordings from inside my apartment. Slapping cushions, stomping on the floor, swinging pillowcases, blowing on microphones, anything I could think of was fair game.”

– Paul Stoughton (Skywalker Sound / Star Wars VR)



Library Information

30 Presets
1,023 Assets
1.8 GB
High-Quality Wav Files
24 bit/96 kHz
Royalty-Free Commercial License
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