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MeldaProduction MTurboAmp




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A mighty collection of guitar amps and distortion pedals

The coolest collection of guitar amps and distortion pedals. It's a dream come true for every guitar tone tweak-freak. Use our amps, tweak them the way you want or create amps even the manufacturers wouldn't dare to make. There are absolutely no limits.


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MTurboAmp Quick Introduction

30+ devices

MTurboAmp comes with almost 30 amp heads and a dozen distortion pedals. But this number will constantly change - with every release - because we don't stop working on new devices. 


Detailed editing

MTurboAmp doesn't stop at simple amp-knob turning. You can access any model's insides and change the settings of any parameter. Your mouse is a virtual soldering iron. Change the EQs' base frequencies, ranges, and gains. Small tweaks may create big differences. 


Design your own amps

And you can also create your own amps and distortion pedals from a scratch. Think about the classic designs and what you would do differently than the manufacturers. Use your imagination to create original amps like no others. There's nothing that can stop your imagination. 


The components

To create your virtual amps you may use two advanced ten-band dynamic EQs (for in and out) with hi-pass and low pass filters. But the core of the amp module creation is up to a nine-stage distortion creator. 


Custom GUI Designer

Your amp creations need a decent look. No matter if you are fond of traditional looks or experimental ones. The Custom GUI Designer lets you create a device of your choice - including any types of knobs, switches, LEDs, sliders, or buttons. Predesigned or imported. Your choice. 


Best in combination with MCabinet

An amp head or distortion pedal may not be enough for your guitar tone. No stack is complete without a proper cabinet. MTurboAmp is designed to be used with the most advanced cab simulation - MCabinet.


Eddie Grey


Eddie Grey

"The realism of this is INSANE and unparalleled. Combine MTurboAmp with MCabinetMB and you will get a legitimate guitar sound for all genres."
Scott Yahney


Scott Yahney

"A super versatile "all-in-one" killer amp plugin!!!"
Mark Wingfield


Mark Wingfield

"As a connoisseur of guitar tones I've been very impressed by MTurboAmp. The flexibility is head and shoulders above anything else I've seen. But more important to me is the sound quality, which is really something special in this plugin. From smooth creamy traditional valve sounds to out on the edge modern waveshaping and everything in between, MTurboAmp seems to excel at all of it. Most other amp sims just emulate specific amps and distortion pedals and let you tweak around the edges of that a little. MTurboAmp does that if you want, but what I love is the fact that you can be totally free of those constraints and create completely new and unique tones."
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