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NLA Video Slave 2




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Timecode synchronized Video Player

Download License! Email Delivery!

Timecode synchronized Video Player

MIDI Overview Image

Use Video Slave 2 to playback movie clips in sync with your DAW of choice. Video Slave 2 uses MIDI Timecode - a protocol supported by most Digital Audio Workstations on the market today - to drive synchronized movie playback as well as MIDI Machine Control for full scrubbing support.

MIDI Timecode and MIDI Machine Control can be distributed through wired MIDI connections but also through wired network connections or Wi-Fi.  The MIDI data can come from the same machine that's also running your DAW but also from another machine on the local network. Both settings are common and well supported by Video Slave 2.


Playback a wide range of video codecs and containers

NLA Video Formats Image

Video Slave 2 supports all of the codecs used today such as DV/DVCPRO, Motion JPEG, Apple Pro Res, H.264, AVC Intra and many more. There's typically no need to convert movie files to a different format which will save you a lot of time.

The supported container types include QuickTime as well as MXF. (operational patterns Op1a and Op-Atom, Pro version only).


Custom designed, future proof playback engine

Video Slave 2 features a custom designed video playback engine built to fit the needs of audio/video professionals. Unlike other solutions, Video Slave 2 does not rely on the QuickTime engine any longer as QuickTime has been officially deprecated with OS X 10.8 and is likely to disappear in a future update of OS X.

With Video Slave 2's playback engine, you can not only playback all audio tracks the movie contains directly without importing, you can also reference external audio files to have them play back in sync with the movie as well. Enjoy the freedom of routing each audio track to an individual output available to your machine and use standard audio controls like mute, volume and pan on a per audio track basis.

NLA Playback Engine


On top of that, Video Slave 2 also supports the Syphon framework which allows you to share video frames with other software applications easily (Pro version only). This also makes Video Slave 2 the perfect companion in live scenarios.

While it's possible to playback a movie fullscreened on a standard computer monitor, it is often desirable to use a dedicated video device to feed the playback to a monitor or a projector. Thus, Video Slave 2 allows for direct playout through Blackmagic DeckLink, Intensity and UltraStudio devices (Please make sure to have the latest drivers installed for your device).


Organize your movies with playlists and versions

NLA Playlist Icon

Working on a reel based feature film? Or a whole season of a TV series? Or a bunch of commercials? Then Video Slave 2’s playlist is what you need.

Throw all your clips into a playlist and let Video Slave 2 choose the right reel automatically according to the incoming timecode. Disable clips in the playlist to prevent certain clips from playing without removing them from the playlist.

Additionally, you can use Video Slave 2's new versions feature to keep track of all video files you received from the editorial. Create a version with all different files of the same scene/reel and keep all of them in sight. Switch back to an older version quickly in order to find changes easily.


Get the job done quicker with visual overlays

NLA Stream Image


With Video Slave 2 it is also possible to superimpose the picture with different kinds of visual cues. Video Slave 2 currently supports three kinds of overlays: Streamers, Markers and ADR Cues (Pro version only). All types of visual cues are highly customizable through the application's preferences.

To start visual events remotely, define trigger events in the preferences and trigger them through external MIDI events sent from your DAW for example. Video Slave 2's streamers can optionally be time or tempo based to fit the needs of composers and ADR/foley recordists alike.

Eventlist Image


NLA Cue Preferation Screen


ADR cues (Pro version only) are designed to aid in dialog recording sessions. They can either be created directly in Video Slave 2 or they can be imported from a variety of files. Video Slave 2 currently supports cue data import from the following files:

  • CSV/TAB: comma or tab separated text files (file extension: .csv, .tab, .txt)
  • SRT: SubRip subtitle files (file extension .srt)
  • STL: Standard subtitle files (SPRUCE, DVD Studio Pro and EBU-N19, file extension: .stl)
  • ADR Studio Scripts: XML files exported from Gallery's ADR Studio Pro (file extension: .xml)

In addition to the visual events, you can display a timecode/feet and frames overlay with selectable font, size and color.

All visual overlays can be turned on or off on a per video device basis. This allows for setups where the voice talent can watch the video superimposed with streamers, punches and text while the editor or director can focus on the performance without being distracted from the visual cues.





  • Video Slave 2 supports all Intel Macs running OS X 10.8 or higher.


Product activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).


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