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NOS Audio NOS12 Tube Microphone AKG C12 Clone




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AKG C12 Clone Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
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NOS Audio NOS12 Modeling Tube Microphone

How do you emulate a classic microphone? You start with a classic microphone.

The NOS12 starts off as a re-creation of one of the most sought after large diaphragm tube microphones of all time: the venerable C12. Its sound is bright and clear while at the same time full-bodied and smooth, characteristics that make it especially desirable for recording vocals or any instruments you want to sound larger than life. These characteristics also make it an excellent base for emulating other classic tube microphones, such as the C12, Ela M 251, U47, U67, and C800G.



Microphone Features

Even without the modeling plugin, the NOS12 has unique features that set it apart from other microphones in its class:

Edge terminated, dual-diaphragm brass capsule based on the CK12

Vintage-style, low reflection head basket

Genuine microphone grade 6072A vacuum tube

Custom Cinemag output transformer

New Old Stock (NOS) oil-in-paper capacitors at crucial positions

Nickel finish

Custom power supply

Aluminum case


Custom Modifications

Customize your NOS12 with the following capsule options:


Tim Campbell CT12 $599: If cost were no object, this is the capsule we would have installed into the NOS12. It is the finest reproduction made today of the CK12 capsule that was used in the original C12 microphone.
Limited supplies.

Thiersch Blue Line $599: This is the finest reproduction made today of the M7 capsule that was used in the original U47 microphone. It is a center terminated capsule and is not the correct capsule for re-creating a C12. However, we have found that it sounds wonderful in the NOS12 and is an excellent choice if you are looking for an even fuller and smoother sound.
Limited supplies.

Thiersch Red Line $399: This capsule is identical to the Thiersch Blue Line capsule except made with PET film instead of PVC film. The difference in sound is negligible at a dramatically lower price due to increased availability.




Plugin Features

The models

The premise behind the NOS12 microphone and plugin system is that the best way to authentically re-create the sounds of classic large diaphragm tube microphones is to start with a microphone that already has the same basic characteristis. The plugin will not transform the NOS12 into a dynamic, ribbon, or small diaphragm condenser because that's not what it is. Instead, we aimed to emulate as closely as possible five of the greatest microphones of all time:


Ela M 251






An exceptional ownership experience

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

We know there is a pride and a joy that goes along with owning a great microphone. We want you to feel great about your purchase every time you use the NOS12. Finishing touches like the vintage style head basket, nickel finish, and custom metal wind screen and aluminum case ensure that the NOS12 looks as good as it sounds.



The NOS12 is covered by a 1 year JRR Shop warranty from your date of purchase. Simply send it back and our in-house tech department will repair or replace it within 2 business days.