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Platinum Samples Rock Legends - Download License

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Platinum Samples Rock Legends for BFD




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About the Rock Legends QuickPack

Inspired by features and style from Gretsch’s most prolific rock drummers, the Rock Legend 125th Anniversary drum set is a tribute to rock music’s legendary players. The Rock Legend set features classic 6-ply USA Custom drums, the same Gretsch shell formula that was used back when rock music was developing and defining a culture all its own. Other classic features include vintage rock sizes, mounted tom, Gretsch Round Badge and Millennium Maple finish. To celebrate Gretsch’s 125th anniversary, other subtle appointments have been included.

A handsome black Gretsch 125th Anniversary logo is affixed directly onto the bass drum shell, underneath the lacquer. The 125th logos also adorn each of the "Black Dot" tom batter drum heads, the coated snare drum head and clear resonant heads. Both bass drum heads are clear and the classic Gretsch Drums logo is in offset position on the resonant head. Unique, serialized orange/white vintage internal shell labels have been applied to each shell to give each drum an identity of its own.
The Rock Legend kit was limited to 125 total kits for 2008 production.


- Gretsch-formula maple shells with 30-degree bearing edges and Silver Sealer interiors 
- Nitrocellulose Millennium Maple Gloss finish 
- Round Badges on all drums 
- 12" tom is mounted onto bass drum 
- Triple chrome-plated drum hardware 
- Vintage orange/white internal shell labels 
- Bass drum features Black 125th Anniversary shell logo, vintage T-rods
Recorded and produced by Rail Jon Rogut
This BFD2 and BFD Eco expansion kit was recorded via a classic Neve 80 series console, Sontec Equalizers and a Fairchild 670. Microphones used included Telefunken ELA M 251's on the Overheads and the Floor Toms, AKG C12A's on the Rack Toms & Neumann M49's on the Stereo Room.

The samples are formatted for both BFD2 and BFD Eco and are available at 44.1kHz/24 bit with as many as 141 velocity levels in BFD2.

This kit includes 1 Kick, 1 Snare, 4 Toms, 1 Hihat, 1 Crash, 1 China & 1 Ride (see below for instrument list)

BFD Eco and BFD2 are registered trademarks of FXpansion

Instrument List 

Gretsch Limited Edition Rock Legend Drumkit

Kick:   16x22"   Remo Clear Black Dot

Snare:   6.5x14"   Remo Coated Black Dot

Rack Tom 1:   7x10"   Remo Clear Black Dot

Rack Tom 2:   8x12"   Remo Clear Black Dot

Floor Tom 1:   14x14"   Remo Clear Black Dot

Floor Tom 2:   16x16"   Remo Clear Black Dot


China:   Zildjian A Series 18" Oriental China

Crash:   Zildjian K Series 19" Dark Thin Crash

Ride:   Zildjian K Series 22" Heavy Ride

Hihat:   Zildjian K Series 14" Constantinople Hihat

Zildjian is a registered trademark of Avedis Zildjian Company. Gretsch is a registered trademark of The Gretsch Company. Platinum Samples is not affiliated with Avedis Zildjian Company or The Gretsch Company