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Presonus Notion Conducting




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Teach Conducting with a Fun, Intuitive Method and Great Sounds

Notion Conducting

Notion Conducting: Interactive Conducting Software


Teach Conducting with a Fun, Intuitive Method and Great Sounds


Software, sounds, video, and a workbook combine in a unique method.

Notion Conducting combines intuitive software, instructional videos, a full-size workbook built around a curriculum of standard symphonic literature, and sampled instruments by the London Symphony Orchestra to create a hands-on conducting environment for music students. The software interprets all score markings and enables the student to continuously control tempo and dynamics with a touch-sensitive MIDI keyboard. Students playing the instruments or sections of the orchestra respond to the gestures of a conductor by tapping on a computer or MIDI keyboard. Only Notion offers this highly effective approach to music education.



Superb orchestral sounds and class interaction make learning conducting fun.

Students learn to master the nuances of conducting by leading computer-equipped classmates, who perform using gorgeous sampled sounds from the London Symphony Orchestra. Notion Conducting’s wide range of standard score excerpts, along with preparatory exercises, appear in a sensible progression from a simple chorale up through an operatic Puccini aria, complete with a real recorded soprano. With Notion Conducting, teachers concentrate on individual students' improvement while involving the entire class. Students receive immediate feedback, useful homework, and independent score study. And it’s fun to use!



Focus on the music, not the technology.

Notion Conducting allows for a greater level of communication from the teacher to the student. Instead of sight-reading the music or playing piano reductions, the instructor is able to fully concentrate on the minutia of student technique and control. Designed for teachers with limited time, Notion Conducting requires no file conversions, patches, or outside sample libraries. It’s all included and ready to use immediately.


Students learn to interpret a score by doing it.

With Notion Conducting, interpretation is real, not theoretical. Students can fashion their own interpretation and receive instant feedback on their edits. Notion Conducting’s playback interprets hundreds of musical symbols, ranging from articulations to dynamics to tempos. A student can enter a louder dynamic mark or add staccatos in a particular spot and immediately hear how these changes alter the sound – all without disturbing the original score files. A full ensemble is always ready to respond to a student conductor’s gestures, regardless of the class size, and students can easily isolate and hear any set of parts to discover how they contribute to the overall texture.


An intuitive and fun method for anyone who wants to learn to conduct.

Offering both guided instruction and learning by doing, Notion Conducting is a great solution for music educators, music school undergraduates, amateur musicians who want to learn to conduct, and anyone who wants to study the elements of a wide range of symphonic masterworks. With its combination of interactive software, instructional video, an excellent workbook, and the gorgeous sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra, Notion Conducting makes learning to conduct interesting and fun for the entire class. Ask for Notion Conducting at your PreSonus dealer.



The plug-and-play software requires no special technical skills: 

just open a score and start playing. Students can: 

Control tempo by tapping on a computer or MIDI keyboard.
Play certain instruments or sections from built-in layouts or audio mixer.
Visually progress through the score during playback with no page breaks.
Start on any beat and jump to specific measures or rehearsal marks.
Edit dynamics, articulations, or metronome marks and instantly hear the result.
Watch full-motion videos of lessons, exercises, and scores in the workbook.
Learn to hear wrong notes and other deviations from the original score.



The workbook includes Conducting fundamentals, exercises, 
and scores arranged in increasing difficulty.

Bach: Chorale
Beethoven: Symphony No. 1, Mvt. I
Mozart: Overture to the Magic Flute
and more...


System Requirements


Windows® 7 or later (32- or 64-bit)
Intel Pentium® 4 2 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or better recommended)
​1 GB RAM minimum (2 GB or more recommended)
3 GB free hard-drive space


Mac OS® X 10.7 or later (32-/64-bit)
Intel® Core™ Solo 1.8 GHz processor (Recommended: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or better)
1 GB RAM minimum (2 GB or more recommended)
3 GB free hard-drive space