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Serato Video




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Video DJing Expansion Pack for Serato DJ

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The latest release of Serato Video is only supported by Serato DJ. Serato Scratch Live users with compatible hardware can upgrade to Serato DJ for free. Visit the Scratch Live page for more information about upgrading and check out the list of compatible devices.


Add video to your set

Add video to your set and control playback just as you do with audio. Easily manipulate your videos with a large number of visual effects and transitions or add your own images, graphics and text to your performance.




Karaoke file support

The latest addition to Serato Video is support for MP3+G files, a common Karaoke file format. Meaning you can load your MP3+G files directly into your Serato library without having to convert.

Karaoke file support


Master Video FX

Allows you to put 2 Serato Video FX on the main video output. This gives you the opportunity to leave FX on for your whole set while crossfading between two videos.


Record your set

New in Serato Video is the RECORD option. Never lose that amazing mix again.



Audio Linked FX

Use Serato DJ’s amazing iZotope base FX across your video mix simultaneously to create a visual representation of the audio FX. Including Echo, Delay, Reverb, Flanger and more.



Syphon Support

Also new is Syphon Support. This enables Serato Video to share its output with third party apps in real time such as projection mapping software.




Support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Windows 8.1

Serato Video includes support for the latest Mac and Windows operating systems.




You can use Serato Video with Serato DJ and Serato Control Vinyl, Control CDs or one of the many Serato DJ supported controllers. Serato Video is designed to output to a secondary display. OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Windows 8 are supported.




Supported Video Files

Serato Video supports a wide array of video file formats on both Mac and Windows.

.mov .m4v .mp4 .m4a .avi .flv .mpg .mpeg .dv .qtz .mp3+g



Manipulate video playback

Drop a video to a deck and use the Video interface to add and control Video FX and Transitions. Serato Video comes packed with creative FX and Transitions.



Add FX

There are two banks of FX in Serato Video - Video FX & Audio FX - as well as the option of custom images and text.



Video FX

These are split into 5 categories: Audio Reactive, Equalizer, Lighting, Record & Transform and each deck has two FX slots.

Audio FX

These FX are linked to Serato DJ’s amazing iZotope base FX and are visual representations of audio FX including ECHO, Delay, Reverb and Flanger.

Images & Text

Introduce your logo or any other graphic to your set with the intuitive image and text interface.




Free DJ Content

We teamed up with friends from across the globe to bring you a whole bunch of awesome free DJ content. Ego and Beeple have put together packs of royalty free visuals to use in your VJ sets, while Xtendamix have hooked up 40 free music videos. Mac users can get 5 audio reactive quartz compositions from I Love QC. Loopmasters have also provided a pack of 24 highly useful audio samples and loops from their extensive library.



Minimum Specifications

These are simply the minimum requirements to run Serato Video. For best performance and for use in professional situations we recommend you use a higher spec computer, preferably with an Intel processor.

Please Note: Currently we do not support Windows 8 for Serato Video.

Windows computers using Intel graphics cards are not currently supported by Serato Video. Please read this FAQ.

Operating SystemMac OS X 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 2Windows 7
Processor2.0 Ghz Macbook or better2.0 GHz Core Duo or better
 All Intel i3, i5 and i7 Processors are supported.
HDD Space5GB Free
Graphics CardsNvidia 8400 or better or ATI 1650 or better
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