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Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel - Download License

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Softube Tube-Tech Collection Upgrade from Classic Channel




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With new sound, new features, and totally fresh new hi-res graphics, Softube’s much-loved range of Tube- Tech plug-ins has done something that seemed impossible - it has improved.

Tube-Tech Remastered

As long ago as 2006, Softube began work on what would become the definitive plug-in representations of Tube- Tech’s best and most highly-prized units.

The PE 1C ‘Pultec’ Program Equalizer, inspired by a classic tube-driven passive EQ design conceived as long ago as the mid-1950s, and still revered in top studios today.

The ME 1B Mid-Range Equalizer, designed as the perfect partner to the PE 1C, aiming with charm and authority at the vital body of mid-range frequencies.

The CL 1B Optical Compressor, which, in an increasingly clinical digital world, is an oasis of smooth and dignified character; personality; color; providing pleasingly versatile dynamic control of everything from bass and vocals to drum groups and the mix bus.


Not to mention the Classic Channel plug-in, which combined all three units into a singular and very special channel strip.

Now, with improved sound, additional features, and cutting-edge high-resolution graphics, these characterful and versatile units are better than ever, and available as upgrades from the original plug-ins, or for sale in three different collections; the EQ Collection (including the legacy PE 1C and ME 1B, as well as the new combined Mk II unit), the Compressor Collection (which features a completely remodelled Mk II CL 1B, alongside its legacy counterpart), and the Complete Collection (the Tube-Tech Classic Channel Mk II – now with mid/side processing – and its constituent Mk II parts, the Mk II Equalizer and the CL 1B Mk II, along with all the legacy plug-ins).