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TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler Pedal




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Tiny Tonal Tyrant

Tiny Tonal Tyrant

Mimiq Mini Doubler brings you the same ground-breaking live guitar doubling as its bigger brother. With our proprietary doubler algorithm condensed and squeezed it into a tiny enclosure, Mimiq Mini delivers actual studio-grade double tracking in an impossibly small pedal. Turn it on and hear your guitar gain an epic grandeur belying Mimiqs small size, as if you were suddenly accompanied by your own personal second gutarist. Condensed down to its true, extraordinary essence, Mimiq Mini gives you more tone for less pedalboard real estate.

  • The world's smallest realistic guitar doubling pedal
  • Add an additional guitar track on top of your dry guitar
  • Makes your riffs and solos sound massive

Redefining ADT

Mimiq Doubler couldn't be further from the crude artificial double tracking devices of yesteryear. Mimiq is a new breed. It's AUTHENTIC double tracking! When you're double tracking in the studio, each take is different. There'll be slight differences in your timing, your attack and your pitch. All of these random factors are what gives the final recording depth and that larger than life feel. Hence we've spent countless hours and consumed countless cups of coffee in order to create an innovative algorithm that perfectly captures all of these beautiful elusive nuances, letting you access the magic of the studio directly through your pedalboard.

Game of Clones

Mimiq Doubler makes you the master of puppets, letting you pull the strings of your very own guitar-toting clone. And when you say "ROCK!" he asks "How Hard!?".  Make him follow your lead with razor sharp precision, or let him hang back a little for a more loose and groovy feel. Heck, you can even pour some imaginary beer on him for extremely out-of-sync riffin', just to test your drummer's sanity.

More Tone, More Space

The world of rock simply wouldn't have been the same without guitar doubling. Metallica's "Ride The Lightning" would have been a pretty anemic affair without its bone-crushing wall of double-tracked axes. Dimebag Darrel's riffs wouldn't have sounded far beyond driven, and Randy Rhodes' solos would have lost some serious sizzle if they hadn't double-tracked them. With Mimiq Doubler you can recreate these huge recorded tones live on stage, without sacrificing acres of pedalboard space.

Backstage Pass - All Access 

Diminutive yet intuitive, Mimiq Mini Doubler proves that good things come in small packages. Despite being even simpler than its predecessor, Mimiq Mini packs one hell of a punch. Let's take a look under the hood.

Tiny Tyrant

With its extra-small enclosure, Mimiq Mini Doubler is the world’s smallest true-to-life doubling pedal. But don't be fooled by its diminutive size, Mimiq Mini delivers the same monstrous tones as its bigger brother.

Now That's Tight!

Tightness controls how tightly your second guitarist performs on the night. Set it low for ultimate sober precision or crank it for a looser, "whoops, one too many beers" kinda feel.

Double Trouble

Effect controls the mix of the doubling. Set it a little below noon for an organic blend between you and your partner in rock, or max it and use it as a more obvious effect for specific parts in a song.

Shine Through

Dry lets your control the level of your own original signal. Max it and take center stage in the mix, or be creative and dial yourself back a bit and let the overdub take over for unique doubling effects.

True Bypass

When Mimiq Mini Doubler is off, it’s really off. Its True Bypass design ensures zero tone coloration, allowing your tone shine through with no loss of high-end.

Mimiq Doubler's Resume

  • The world's smallest realistic guitar doubling
  • Add an additional guitar track
  • Makes your riffs and solos sound massive
  • Mono I/O
  • Ultra compact Design
  • True Bypass
  • Requires PSU adapter
  • 9 V/100 mA