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Toontrack Metal EZmix Pack




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Metal EZmix Pack

Introducing the Metal EZmix Pack by Daniel Bergstrand. Tons of quick and EZ presets for Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals...and yes, DRUMS! If you make metal, this was made for you. Mixing your metal really did just get that much more EZ.

Make sure you get EZmix plug-in and the Metal EZmix Pack.

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EZmix Demo Files

Make sure to check out the demo files for this EZmix Pack.
Playing each instrument first unprocessed and then with a EZmix Pack preset.






Metal EZmix Pack - product details

BitCrushed WideAnyInsert
Hall Reverb DAnyInsert
DEI MasterAnyMaster
BS Line BassBassInsert
DEI Bass AmpBassInsert
DEI Line BassBassInsert
G Bass AmpBassInsert
G Line BassBassInsert
H BassBassInsert
J RctAmpg1 BassBassInsert
J RctAmpg2 BassBassInsert
J RockSVT BassBassInsert
V Line BassBassInsert
DEI ChoirsChoirInsert
BS OverheadCymbalsInsert
DEI OverheadCymbalsInsert
DEI Overhead2CymbalsInsert
V OverheadCymbalsInsert
BS RoomDrumsInsert
BS GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
BS Line Melody GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
BS Melody GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
DEI Clean GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
DEI GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
DEI Solo GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
DEI Solo Guitar2Guitar ElectricInsert
G GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
H GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
Noc Solo GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
V Clean Crushed GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
V Guitar CrushSamplesGuitar ElectricInsert
V Guitar ENGLGuitar ElectricInsert
BS HatsHi-HatInsert
BS KickKickInsert
BS Kick2KickInsert
D Kick1KickInsert
D Kick2KickInsert
DEI KickKickInsert
DEI Kick2KickInsert
G KickKickInsert
H KickKickInsert
BS SnareBottomSnareInsert
BS SnareTopSnareInsert
D SnareSnareInsert
DEI SnareSnareInsert
G SnareSnareInsert
G SnareBottomSnareInsert
V SnareTopSnareInsert
BS TomsTomInsert
DEI TomsTomInsert
H TomsTomInsert
H Toms2TomInsert
Black VocalsVocalsInsert
DEI VocalsVocalsInsert
G VocalsVocalsInsert
H VocalsVocalsInsert
Noc VocalsVocalsInsert
V VocalsVocalsInsert