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Toontrack Neil Dorfsman EZmix Pack




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Neil Dorfsman EZmix Pack

"EZmix 2 sounds good enough for real record making on a professional level. It's a great tool because it gives you immediate satisfaction - and it's fun!", says producer/engineer Neil Dorfsman.

The fact that someone who produced or recorded some of the biggest records of all time, Bruce Springsteen's "The River", Sting's "...Nothing Like the Sun" and Dire Straits' "Brothers in Arms", has no second thoughts about pulling up EZmix 2 in one of his sessions really underlines its quality and creative power. With that in mind, we are extremely proud to induct Mr. Dorfsman in the EZmix 2 hall of fame. Welcome: Neil Dorfsman EZmix Pack!

The Neil Dorfsman EZmix Pack comes packed with ready-made signal chain presets for all your common mixing needs: vocals, drums, bass, guitar, reverbs, busses, masters and much more. On top of that, it has a collection of new and highly useful guitar and bass cab simulation presets.

"You get inspired as you work with EZmix 2 because there are so many possibilities. It only takes seconds or minutes to set something up that can be very inspiring or different", says Neil.

Start mixing - it's EZ!

Neil Dorfsman EZmix Pack - product details


Master Bus 1AnyMaster
Master Bus 2AnyMaster
Master Bus 3AnyMaster
Master Bus 4AnyMaster
Bass GrindBassAmplifier
Clubhouse Bass 1BassAmplifier
Clubhouse Bass 2BassAmplifier
Power BassBassAmplifier
Choir BackgroundChoirInsert
OH 70sCymbalsInsert
Vintage OHCymbalsInsert
Drum Parallel 70sDrumsGroup Bus
Parallel Drum BusDrumsGroup Bus
Vintage ParallelDrumsGroup Bus
Ambience 70sDrumsInsert
Ambience FarDrumsInsert
Vintage AmbienceDrumsInsert
Acoustic GuitarGuitar AcousticInsert
Home Acoustic GuitarGuitar AcousticInsert
Clubhouse Germanium DryGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clubhouse Germanium EchoGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clubhouse Lemon DryGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clubhouse SilverGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clubhouse Silver DirtGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clubhouse Silver SlapGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clubhouse Silver TremoloGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clubhouse USA Classic ReverbGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Parallel GuitarGuitar ElectricGroup Bus
Clean Picking GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
Lead GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
Hats 70sHi-HatInsert
Vintage HatsHi-HatInsert
Kick 70sKickInsert
Punch KickKickInsert
Vintage KickKickInsert
Moody PianoPianoInsert
Rock SnareSnareInsert
Snare Bottom 70sSnareInsert
Snare Top 70sSnareInsert
Vintage SnareSnareInsert
Tom1 70sTomInsert
Tom2 70sTomInsert
Tom3 70sTomInsert
Vintage TomsTomInsert
Airy VocalsVocalsInsert
Motown VocalVocalsInsert
Tight Rock VocalVocalsInsert
Vocal Mid Range ControlVocalsInsert
Vocal SoftenerVocalsInsert