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Wampler Pedals Tap Tempo Faux Tape Echo

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Wampler Faux Tape Echo V2 Delay Pedal




Availability: 在庫切れ



The pedal will be available on November 23, 2012. PRE-ORDER NOW!


The Information below is the regular Wampler Faux Tape Echo (No Tap Tempo).

As close as we could come to a tape echo machine.

The faux tape echo is basically the Faux AnalogEcho crossed with a unique circuit the speeds up and slows down the echos, just like a real tape echo. It isn't modulating like other “tape echo” emulations though... Many of them sound like a chorus pedal in the background... While that is a cool sound in itself, a tape echo's “flutter” created modulation tones by the recording tape slightly speeding up and slowing down - that's why we duplicated the modulation circuit to do the same thing.

If you are tired of wimpy sterile delay tones or just simply wish that your analog delay could get brighter, the Faux Tape Echo is your pedal! While the echoes are created digitally, the base signal is all analog and is extremely transparent. The echoes are not sterile and brittle like a digital delay though - they are big, full and FAT.