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JRR Shop - Purveyors of Musical Dream Fulfilled!

JRR Shop is the music store for musicians, by musicians. We love making music and we love gear!

Where did JRR Shop come from?

I started playing piano when I was 2 years old and soon moved on to drums, trombone, oboe, trumpet, and finally, the second love of my life (after my wife), GUITAR. Of course, as any guitar player is familiar with, my love of playing guitar quickly led to an insatiable lust for guitar gear! At age 14, I would ride my bike around the neighborhood scouring garage sales for anything even remotely connected to making sound, then sell it as soon as I was ready for an upgrade. There's nothing else I need to tell you about my teenage years because this and practicing guitar 8 hours a day was my teenage years!

Fast forward to 2002. I was about to turn 30 and had already gotten into and gotten out of what I previously thought was my dream job, working in the Music Supervision department of New Line Cinema. It's what I went to college for. It's the only thing I was trained to do. And I hated it. So there I was, no career and seemingly no ability to do anything with my life, and all I had left was a mountain of music gear I'd been amassing for the previously 15 years. I threw it all on eBay and used the proceeds to start a website, get a warehouse, and get some employees. JRR Shop was born!

"Why the name JRR Shop?"

Over the years, many customers have asked "Why the name JRR Shop"? Some have even called up asking, "Can I speak to JR?". Well, folks, there's no JR here! Just Roots Records was a record label I started while I was in college. When I started JRR Shop, I thought you musicians would like knowing that you're buying from other musicians, and that having us be tied to Just Roots Records would endear us in your hearts. Alas, time has marched on and JRR Shop has since taken over as our great love, leaving Just Roots Records by the wayside. Now you can visit to see our evil cats!

Feel free to call us "Just Roots Recording Shop", "Japan Rock & Roll Shop", or "Jelly Rolly Rocka' Shop". Whatever you decide to go with, just remember that with a name as bad as JRR Shop, we have to be good!


To all of you, from all of us at JRR Shop - Thank you and Happy Music Making!

Eric "Uncle E" Dahlberg
CEO and Founder