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Arturia Jun-6 V Synthesizer Plugin




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Jun-6 V combines beautiful polysynth thickness with an ultra-easy interface to satisfy your analog needs from the very first note. Its simple controls, accessible creative features, and modern enhancements make it an essential keyboard that you’ll just keep coming back to.

Polyphony to the masses

Jun-6 V's hardware predecessor was released at a time when a polyphonic synth was a luxury. Many consider the Juno series to have struck a rare and perfect balance when it comes to synthesizer design. Their ease of use, vivid analog sound, and relative affordability helped put the coveted multi-voiced within reach of a bigger audience.

Pure analog spirit

The Juno synths were notoriously easy to use - Jun-6 V is no different. From the minute you open it up, you’ll be in familiar synthesis territory, from the simplicity of DCOs to the instant stereo glory of BBD chorus. Dial in a dynamite sound that’s true to the original in no time.

Voice Calibration

To bring you the authentic Juno experience, we even went to the lengths of offering different levels of analog voice dispersion. Subtle variations in condition and voltage sometimes meant that each voice was very slightly different, from filter cutoff to VCA envelope attack. Choose a level of analog drift to suit your taste - squeaky clean, rough around the edges, or somewhere in the middle.

Back to the arpeggiator

Jun-6 V takes the classic arpeggiator formula back to basics, so you can instantly weave driving hypnotic patterns on the fly, just like the good old days. Put aside complex multi-mode arp algorithms - simplicity and musicality is the aim of the game.

Arpeggiator in action

Sometimes all you need is a simpel up & down arpeggio to get your track moving. Jun-6 V’s arpeggiator brings immediate colorful synth-pop vibes.

Double-barrelled filter

There are filters, and there are filters. Jun-6 V perfectly emulates the simple yet refined sculpting capabilities of its ‘80s ancestor. Go for bubbling low-pass warmth, dynamic high-pass tension, or a combination of the two.

Let’s talk about chorus

The classic dual chorus that’s almost as famous as the synthesizers it's synonymous with. Jun-6 V’s chorus boasts the same authentic BBD character and subtle stereo spread for an irresistibly warm cinematic sound.

Chords sequence

With Chord Mode, a simple dotted-eighth melodic pattern can become a full mix-filling accompaniment, complete with individually-assigned diatonic chord voicings.

Complex, meet simple

Jun-6 V represents the virtual rebirth of a classi;it doesn't end there though. Arturia has expanded this polysynth icon with just enough extra modulation & FX tricks to enhance its sound wihtout compromising its signature simplicity.

The Juno 6 was renowned for its simplicity. Meticulously-modeled DCOs (digitally controlled oscillators) kept everything in tune, with a dynamite blend of square, ramp, sub, and noise. Your sound was shaped by a simple but effective twin filter setup. Add an LFO, an ADSR envelope, and a 3-mode stereo chorus, and you’ve got yourself a Juno. We took this familiar formula and cranked it up a few notches - how? We’re glad you asked...

Enhanced expression, enhanced performance

Jun-6 V is a hands-on, express-yourself kinda synthesizer, with an irresistible sound that begs to be played over and over - it doesn’t end there though. We’ve expanded this polysynth icon with just enough extra modulation & FX tricks to enhance its sound without compromising its signature tactile simplicity.

Modwheel, Velocity & aftertouch

With the Modwheel, tweak the LFO intensity for the DCO and/or VCF, or assign to a destination of your choice. Assign Velocity or AfterTouch to a modulation destination of your choice for dynamic movement that responds to every touch.

Expanded modulation

One envelope has become two, and a second multi-waveform LFO has been added to the mix. The second ADSR envelope features two freely assignable destinations, as does LFO 2. Perfectly accessible modulation that adds just enough movement without detracting from Jun-6 V’s hands-on playability.


A sample & hold waveform modulating the VCF cutoff frequency, bringing dynamic random movement to a static vintage-sounding patch.

Chord Mode

transform every note into a full-sounding chord, and choose from 12 voicings including your own custom voicing

3 Modes Chorus

Cycling through dry, mode I, mode II, and the ‘secret’ mode 3, with its original mono sound and faster modulation rate. Lush.

Bender & Unison

exactly what you think it is. Again, hardwired to the DCO and VCF for instant pitch bends and dynamic build-ups. Unison assigns multiple voices to a single note for condensed fatness, perfect for pumping bass arps or red-hot leads - choose your density and detune to taste.

Delay & Reverb

On the FX front, you’ll find some additional spacious reverb and delay. This simple addition takes Jun-6 V’s unmistakably vintage sound and sets it up for contemporary application. Cinematic ambience, stadium-sized pop chords, and bouncing trap lead lines are all within reach.

Pulsing reverb

Using Jun-6 V’s modulation controls, you’re able to turn modern digital FX into composition tools. Here, the reverb dry/wet is being gradually modulated for moving ambience.

Platform specifications

Win 8.1+ (64bit) PC: 4 GB RAM; 2.5 GHz CPU.
2GB free hard disk space
OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

10.13+: 4 GB RAM; 2.5 GHz CPU.
2GB free hard disk space
OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Required configuration

Works in Standalone, VST, AAX, Audio Unit.

VST 2.4


The software is protected by the Arturia Software Center.

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