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Best Service Eduardo Tarilonte Era II Medieval Legends




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ERA II Medieval Legends - a wonderful collection from a forgotten fantasy world of knights, princesses and dragons...

All users that have registered ERA (1) may purchase an upgrade for the price of $99. 

ERA II  takes you to a distant journey, deeper into the medieval than ever. Eduardo Tarilonte, creator of award-winning libraries such as Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and Shevannai, presents the considerably expanded version of the first edition of ERA Medieval Legends.

ERA II offers an even more comprehensive selection of historic instruments. This library holds the perfect instruments for film- and television soundtracks with historical background, fantasy-games as well as folk-music, medieval-rock and related compositions.

For ERA II, Eduardo Tarilonte has created 25 new instruments, resulting in a total number of over 70 instruments, all being recorded in highest detail and quality. In addition, there are a large number of soundscapes available - all ready to be used within the advanced Engine-Player and its generously expanded and specifically optimized user interface

ERA II horn

ERA II Medieval Legends contains:

10 flutes
8 reed instruments
4 war horns
3 brass instruments
9 bowed strings instruments
13 plucked strings instruments
3 keyboards
20 percussion instruments
1 singing voice


Recordings for ERA II took place in different selected spanish studios, such as Madrid's Infinity Studios as well as Eldana Studios in Dueñas, just to name some. Also, numerous talented musicians contributed their skills to the project, among them  Rinaldo Valldeperas (crumhorns, shawms, renaissance soprano recorder), Efren López (Gittern, Bass Citole, Medieval Psaltery, Medieval Lute), Cecilia Nocilli, Lorena Porres and many others.

ERA II Screen 2
All instruments and voices have been recorded using a Neumann U87 microphone being accompanied by selected highest quality preamps from manufacturers such as Avalon and Neve. The instruments have intentionally been captured with close mic techniques avoiding unwanted room information to enable the user full control over the following sound shaping process and added effects.


ERA II harp

ERA II pursues the goal of capturing the musical atmosphere and sound aesthetics of the medieval, porting these old times into the computer-based production environment. The carefully programmed user interface of the Engine-Player supports easy use of the library, allowing the sounds of ERA II to create inspiration and unfold the musician's full creativity. ERA II is very much like an exciting fantasy-novel, taking musicians and composers to a journey into dark and long forgotten times.


ERA II Screen

ERA II is well suited for different styles and genres ranging from medieval scores with authentic sounding instruments to fantasy-music, soundtracks and new-age-spheres. 

The sounds of ERA II are absolutely unique and cannot be found in any other library. Added is an overwhelming choice of instruments, sounds and soundscapes that provide musicians with a complete sonic compendium for the task that virtually needs no additional sounds.

The instruments in ERA II use extensive multisampling, dynamic layering, diverse articulations, round-robin and true-legato-samples. The library contains 25 gigabytes of sample data including all instruments and sounds of part one.

ERA II rock

ERA II  Instrument-list -  limited edition

new in ERA II                                                                        from ERA (1)

Winds                                                                                    Reeds

Renaissance Soprano Recorder                                             Crumhorn Soprano
Renaissance Alto Recorder                                                            Crumhorn Alto
Renaissance Tenor Recorder                                                      Crumhorn Tenor
Renaissance Bass Recorder                                                        Crumhorn Bass
Traditional Soprano Recorder                                                               Bagpipe A
Traditional Wooden Flute                                                                      Bagpipe D
Gemshorn                                                                                                 Chirimia
2 holed flute                                                                                          Bombarde
Tin Whistle                                                                                                             
Wooden Transverse Flute                                                                                      

War Horns                                                                                    Brass

Anyafil                                                                             Natural Trumpet
Shofar                                                                                          Sackbut
Celtiberic War Horn                                                                     Cornetto
War Horn                                                                                                  

Bowed Strings                                                                         Plucked Strings

Bass Viola da Gamba                                                                      Baroque Guitar
Fidule                                                                                          Renaissance Lute
Hurdy Gurdy                                                                     Renaissance Small Harp
Viola de Roda                                                          Renaissance Small Bray Harp
Bowed Psaltery                                                                                              Zither
Tromba Marina                                                                            Psaltery (Beaten)
Nyckelharpa                                                                                Medieval Psaltery
Fiddle Grooves                                                                                             Gittern
Tenor viola da gamba                                                                            Bass Citole
                                                                                                          Medieval Lute
                                                                                                          Small Psaltery
                                                                                                             Gothic Harp

Keys                                                                                                      Voices

Organetto                                                                                         Tavern Singers

Percussion                                                                                       Percussion

Army Piccolo Snare                                                                       Execution Snare
Barbarian Frame Drum I                                                                      Juglar Snare
Barbarian Frame Drum II                                                                     Tambourine I
Frame Drum (stick)                                                                             Tambourine II
Bombo Leguero                                                                                 Tambourine III
Bumbac High                                                                                       Church Bells
Bumbac Mid                                                                                 Napoleonic Snare
Bumbac Low                                                                                           Field Drum
Distant Drums                                                                                      Kettle Drums
Execution Snare I                                                                                            Claps


ERA II instrumentbanner



Bill Brown

Bill Brown

BMI TV Music Awards for "CSI:NY" Seasons 1-9, Canadian Video Game Awards Best Original Music, and many more
His music will soon be heard on season two of Syfy’s post-apocalyptic thriller, Dominion

"ERA 2 continues to inspire new sonic directions in my music, especially for the epic adventures I’m scoring currently. Eduardo meticulously recorded a lot of organic source material and created compelling, useful instruments to manipulate, customize and create with. From very human, musical performances to wild effects and everything in-between, I’m having fun creating new sonic landscapes with ERA 2 for far away imaginary lands..."  -Bill Brown  


Trevor Morris



2 time EMMY winning composer, The Borgias, Immortals, The Scorpion King 3

"I have lived in the language of Ancient and Medieval instruments for more than
a few years in my work on "The Tudors" and "Pillars of the Earth", and I can
say that ERA is the best sounding, most cinematic library of its kind I have heard.
An instant addition to my palette, Bravo."

Christopher Heral


Video Game composer of Rayman Origins, The Adventures of Tintin: The Shadow of the Unicorn among others.

"As a composer I worked last year on Rayman Origin´s, a UbiSoft Video Game.
I needed to find Middle-ages Instruments to animate the World of princesses and dragons in our next project, Rayman Legend !
I found all I needed in ERA.
I was really thankful to Eduardo to have succeded in making such wonderful program allowing the best playability possible.
Thank you Eduardo for your wonderful work."

Rupert Gregson-Williams

Rupert Gregson-Williams
Disney´s Bed Time Stories, Bee Movie, Over the Hedge, Made of Honor…

"Era has been loaded into my template, and has already proven really useful. Eduardo Tarilonte´s attention to detail is always top drawer."


Stephan Massimo Jauch

Stephan Massimo Jauch

Music and TV composer

"Eduardo Tarilontes ERA Medieval Legends war mir bei der Komposition des Scores zum „Vermächtnis der Wanderhure“ von unschätzbarem Wert. Die beeindruckende Klangqualität und die intuitive Spielbarkeit dieser Auswahl mittelalterlicher Instrumente sucht Ihresgleichen."








Engine powered

Best Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included in this product!

Mac OS

Mac OS 10.9, 10.10
Min. recommended: Intel Mac 2GHz, 2GB Ram
Interfaces: Standalone, AU, VST (64bit) 
Currently no RTAS and AAX support
Workarounds to use AU and VST plugins in ProTools are available HERE


Windows Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, 32bit & 64bit
Min. recommended: Pentium/Athlon XP 3.0GHz, 2GB Ram
Interfaces: Standalone, VST (32bit and 64bit)
Currently no RTAS and AAX support
Workarounds to use AU and VST plugins in ProTools are available HERE

for all systems

Internet connection for product activation required (on any computer)
Additional hard disc space according to the library size



System FAQs

online activation

Product activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).



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The Audio Spotlight ERA II limited edition 04/2015


ERA II Medieval Legends is simply an Awesome library.


TAS awesome


ERA II Medieval Legends is full with content that will keep you busy for a long time. There are some sounds that I particularly could do without but I have to say that the sound quality of the whole library is simply staggering. The price is a bit steep but the content, quality and ease of use surely make up for it. ERA II Medieval Legends is simply an Awesome library.

Zdravko Djordjevic
The Audio Spotlight

Full ERA II ltd review at TAS

SoundBytes Magazine ERA II limited edition 04/2015


SoundBytes logo


What has Tropical House got to do with ERA II?

This is a sample library containing sampled medieval instruments aimed mainly at media composers. But as many of you are not media producers, we will try and find out how ERA II could also be useful for producers of pop, dance EDM and rock, seeing as all cinema, advertising, game and other media producers will probably buy this library anyway. The reason is pretty simple: in the world of sample libraries Eduardo Tarilonte has a reputation. He’s the one who killed the spirit of sample pack competitions. In the sound library field, Eduardo is something of a legend, like Tomba was for ski sports, or Schumacher was for Formula 1… Why bother competing when you know who will win? While all other competitors put goggles on at the start of a race, he never takes them off. He wears the goggles all the time – obviously he is some sort of natural born winner.

Aleksander Arsov

SounBytes Magazine



Sound On Sound 09/2013 ERA (1)


SOS 5 Stars


For me, the strength of Tarilonte's libraries is that all their round-robin and phrasing complexity is taken care of under the surface, so playing Era: Medieval Legends expressively becomes a real pleasure. Highly recommended!

Martin Walker, SoundOnSound,September 2013

SOS review EraMedievalLegends



Music Tech Magazine 09/2012 ERA (1)


MusicTech 8 Stars

Keeping it real
While a collection of authentic medieval instruments won't be to everyones's tastes or requirements, there's little doubt that Era perfectly fills a gap in respect to sensitively sampled authetic music instruments. Those of a more creative persuasion will undoubtedly see the musical potential behind the sounds included especially given the detail and expression behind their sampling and mapping, and for instance inspiration, the Sound Design collection is a great additional resource to an otherwise pletiful collection of instruments. MTM 08/2012 ERA (1)


Computer Focus Logo


I don’t believe there’s a product on the market that can match this libraries sound and level of detail on such a wide array of historical instruments. Eduardo Tarilonte has really hit it out of the park with the entire package. Although I have my gripes about the interface, it can be easily overlooked when there is such a wealth of opportunity within the library.

I believe this library is going to immediately appeal to video game composers as fantasy and historical music tends to be more prevalent in the medium, although many film and TV composers would have use for this library if their projects are fantasy/historical orientated.

Era Medieval Legends provides a great collection of realistic, authentic and most importantly, usable instruments. If you’re a composer looking to add some new color into your historical or fantasy music, this library is a must buy. Chris Mooney

ComposerFocus review EraML Video-walk-through ERA (1)


Score Cast Online Logo

Composer Dirk Ehlert takes you through a first look at Eduardo Tarilonte’s newest creation, ERA Medieval Legends — a unique sample library featuring a huge set of historical instruments covering the Medieval, Renaissance and Fantasy production genres. Dirk deconstructs a demo track using ERA and shows you how to build new worlds using this unique and exciting library.

ScoreCast video EraML ERA (1)


Sound And Gear 4.5 Subs

Sound And Gear Logo

What’s the bottom line?

Anytime Best Service releases a new product from Eduardo Tarilonte…I get excited.

I know the instruments are going to be super realistic and organic, and I know there are going to be another collection of amazing soundscapes, ambiances, and fx.

I give Era 4.5 out of 5 subs, regardless if this is your style of musical instrument or not, the quality and playability of the content just can’t be denied.

His libraries always allow me to experiment with instruments I may otherwise never encounter. Many I have no clue how to pronounce or their history….but that doesn’t stop me from playing them!

I also really dig how he gives you a quick info block on the instruments directly in the interface, really helps in exploring the content.

SoundAndGear review EraML