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Boz Digital Labs Sasquatch Kick Machine 2




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Sasquatch Kick Machine gives you complete control over the sound of your kick drums. Whether you need to subtly add a little oomph or completely redesign the sound of your kick drum, Sasquatch makes it simple to get the exact sound you need.

Sasquatch 2 is a CPU-friendly kick drum enhancement plug-in that enables you to custom-tailor the sound of any kick drum, acoustic or electronic, with exhaustive creative possibilities, ranging from subtle to extreme and beyond.


Available Formats


windows mac vst2 vst3 au rtas aax




Instant thicker Kick Drums
No Sample replacement
Create kicks that cut through


From the Pros

“I use the new Sasquatch Kick Machine 2 on just about every mix. It allows me to enhance attack, knock, and bottom end to my taste. There are also plenty of parameters to take a sound anywhere you want it. Try it on snares, synths, percussion and of course kicks.”

–Dave Pensado   (Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber)


Sasquatch 2 is a dedicated kick drum processing plug-in (though that’s not all it can do), that enables you to craft your kick drum sound in accordance with your production needs in any musical genre. Whether it’s subtle enhancement, massive room-shaking thump, or electronic musical mutation, Sasquatch 2 makes it easy to get the results you want; no option overload, no hours wasted scrolling through Gigs of samples, and no arcane features you’ll never touch. Low end is the crucial part of a modern mix and the most difficult to get under control. If you’ve been struggling to craft a powerful, punchy low end, Sasquatch 2 can give you all that and more in a single, easy-to-use, and affordable plug-in.


Sasquatch 2—Nature of The Beast

Craft your kick drum from subtle enhancement to downright musical mutation
CPU-friendly with straightforward, easy-to-use graphic interface
Individually tweak and blend “Oomph” (body), “Click” (attack) and “Dry” sound
Easily create and customize “drops”
Fine-tuning controls offer a unique set of creative tools for Oomph, Click, and Dry parameters
Instantaneous triggering; no phase or flam issues
Selectable trigger modes
High-pass and low-pass filters with selectable sidechain modes
A/B comparison plus four levels of “lock” mode lets you experiment and return to original settings
Icon-based interface for easy visual identification