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DBX 160A compressor/Limiter - Used




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DBX 160A compressor/Limiter - Used

160A compressor/Limiter 


OverEasy® or classic hard knee compression with dbx's® ultra-musical program dependent attack and release times
Compression ratio variable from 1:1 through infinity :1 to negative compression
Precision dual RMS LED display monitors input or output and gain reduction over a wide range and calibrates for different operating levels
Over 60dB of gain reduction available
Exclusive Infinity+ compression allows negative compression
Independent balanced and unbalanced outputs can drive 600 loads to +24dBm simultaneously. New floating balanced output stage drives any load
Optional output transformer capable
Strappable with another 160A for true RMS stereo summing operation


Input Connectors1/4" TRS and XLR, Floating Balanced; XLR: Pin 2 hot Phone: Tip Hot
Input Impedance40k
Max Input+24dBu, Balanced or Unabalanced (Absolute)
CMRR>45dB (any Frequency)
Detector InputConnector: 14" TRS phone, Floating Balanced
Detector Input Impedance>200k
Detector Input Max Level+28dBu, Balanced or Unbalanced
Output Connectors1/4" TRS phone, Unbalanced; XLR, floating balanced; pin 2 hot
Output ImpedanceBalanced 200 ohm, unbalanced 100 ohm
Max Output(Balanced): +24dBm; <0.3% THD; (Unbalanced): +20dBm; <0.3% THD
Noise<-90dBu, Unweighted (20Hz - 20kHz)
Frequency Response20Hz -20kHz, +0, -0.5dB; +0, -3dB 0.5Hz and 90kHz.
THD<0.2%, Typical, any amount of compression up to 40dB @ 1kHz
Compressor Threshold Range-40dBu to +20dBu
Compressor Threshold CharacteristicOverEasy® or hard knee
Compressor RatioVariable 1:1 to :1 thru to -1:1; >60dB maximum compression
Compressor Attack TimeProgram dependent; typically 15ms for 10dB, 5ms for 20dB, 3ms for 30dB
Compressor Release TimeProgram Dependent; Typically 8ms for 1dB, 80ms for 10dB, 400ms for 50dB; 125dB/sec rate
Dynamic Range>113dB
Gain Adjustment RangeVariable from -20dB to +20dB
Stereo CouplingTrue RMS Power summing
Summing1/4" TRS phone jack
Operating VoltageDO: 90-130VAC, 50/60Hz; EU: 200-250VAC, 50/60Hz
Power ConnectorIEC receptacle
Dimensions1.75" x 19" x 6.5" (4.45cm x 48.2cm x 16.51cm)