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Focusrite TwinTrak Pro Dual Channel Strip




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Designed principally as an affordable, high-specification dual mono/stereo tracking device, TT Pro (as it's affectionately known) also boasts comprehensive latency-free monitoring, unmatched digital connectivity, and all within a sturdy 2U 19" rack-mount chassis.

Each channel features Focusrite's award-winning Platinum pre amp, embellished with the option of instant 'air' and variable input impedance for improved microphone performance and extended creativity. A mid-scoop EQ follows, and provides variable frequency and depth of cut for vocal problem solving and miked-up cabinet ambience

In pride of place is TT Pro's powerful dual mono/stereo optical compressor. This optical compressor features Focusrite's custom fast-acting optos, alongside side-chain inputs and the ability to operate as a true 'twinned' stereo pair. These circuit design innovations are complemented by a comprehensive set of focussed controls.

TT Pro is the first Platinum to feature a D/A converter as standard, alongside its optional analogue to digital converter. The D/A converter enables the user to feed mono or stereo digital signals into TT Pro. These signals can be fed either into the stereo latency-free monitoring section, or via line inputs (post- the pre amp stage) for further processing. The signal can then return to the digital audio workstation via Focusrite's established stereo A/D converter option.

Together, these facilities make TT Pro the perfect analogue interface for any digital audio workstation, and equally the world's first 'hardware plug-in'.

Features include:

  • 2 award-winning Class A discrete transistor-based pre amps
  • Dual mono/stereo optical compressor, featuring custom fast-acting optos
  • Latency free monitoring with total control over balance, effects, mix and monitor levels
  • 24 bit/192 kHz D/A fitted as standard, for processing digital signals or feeding digital signals into the monitoring path
  • An optional 24 bit/96kHz A/D. Both the A/D and the D/A feature wordclock (BNC)
  • Inductor-induced "Air" opens up high frequencies like an expensive transformer-balanced pre amp
  • Variable impedance for improved microphone performance and extended creativity
  • Mid scoop EQ for correcting problematic mid frequencies
  • Direct inputs on the front fascia for both instruments (Jack) and microphones (XLR)
  • Post pre amp inserts and compressor side-chain inserts, for enhanced processing flexibility
  • 2 ocean blue peak-reading meters, innately beautiful and ideal for catching fast transients

With TwinTrak Pro, Focusrite's fanatical approach to quality design has given birth to twins.