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Mackie U.420d DJ Performance Mixer



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U.Series mixers are the simplest, most intuitive mixers on the market today. Perfect for DJs, producers and podcasters, the Mackie U.420d 4-channel production mixer provides connection ...

U.Series mixers are the simplest, most intuitive mixers on the market today. Perfect for DJs, producers and podcasters, the Mackie U.420d 4-channel production mixer provides connection flexibility and an intuitive, centralized user interface to ease workflow and maximize creativity. We know you have a variety of gear and that constant manipulation is the norm. We also know that losing the vibe while looking for the right knob is not an option. Innovative ergonomics put the micro-master section dead center, which offers otherwise full-size features such as a prominent master volume knob and high-resolution metering for easy control and monitoring of the main mix on stage or in the studio. We want your creativity to flow. Just plug it in and turn it up.

Main Features:

  • 4-channel mic/line mixer with 24bit/96kHz FireWire I/O

  • Simple, Modern design makes mixing simple on stage or in the studio

  • 2 premium Mackie mic channels with 3-band, mid-sweep Active EQ

  • True 48V phantom power for condenser microphones

  • 2 high-headroom stereo line inputs with RIAA phono preamps, 3-band “full-kill” acitve EQ and a 30mm crossfader

  • Built-in DI box for instruments like acoustic guitar and bass

  • Mackie designed RIAA phono preamp for turntables

  • Stereo aux send for booth monitoring and effects

  • Self-mono-ing outputs for simple connection to a single monitor

  • Headphone out with separate level control wired pre-main for simple overdubbing

  • Large main volume knob and high resolution metering for quick control and monitoring of your main mix

  • Separate FireWire input level control and loop-thru switch for max flexibility on stage or in the studio

  • Tracktion 3 Project Bundle software included

…It’s How U Use It

    Don’t be fooled by its size; a rich set of mixing tools will please to the point of audible moaning. U.420d provides two superior Mackie mic channels featuring premium Mackie mic preamps, 30mm channel faders and 3-band active EQ with mid-sweep, allowing full tonal control over vocals and instruments. Want to incorporate some guitar or bass? It’s a breeze with the built-in DI box. Two stereo line channels are DJ-friendly, featuring dual Mackie designed RIAA phono preamps for turntables, and 3-band “full-kill” active EQ. A 30mm crossfader with slow/fast curve options lets DJ and producers of all genres feel right at home. The audiophile can produce high quality digital transfers of their classic LPs using the integrated FireWire output. Finally, that Grand Master Flash album can be preserved for all time.

Zero Latency With Zero Hassle

    U.Series mixers are equipped with a 24-bit/96kHz stereo FireWire interface for recording and playback from a PC or Mac. The routing options make it very simple to overdub or record live sets with zero latency, even when using your computer for playback. Here’s how….

    The headphone output control is cleverly wired before the main volume knob that controls your studio monitors. So just plug into the U.420d and start playing. Turn up your phones and turn down your monitors. Instant overdub without complicated routing.

    On stage, you can mix in performance software like Ableton Live and play your synths or turntable through the analog inputs. These sources will blend at the main output. That covers the live set. However, with the ingenious FireWire “loop-thru” button, all of your analog inputs AND the feed from your DAW will route back to your computer so that you can record a live stereo mix of your obviously awesome set. Now you can have a drink while you are rocking it instead of fiddling with knobs and buttons.

Wow! It’s A Legit 2-Channel DJ Mixer

    Channels 3 and 4 are both loaded with custom-designed Mackie phono preamps for turntables and line inputs for CD players, MP3 players or any stereo playback device. The stereo channels have 3-band “full kill” active EQs, allowing you fully cut specific frequencies from the mix to pull off some amazing filter effects and transitions. There’s a legit headphone cue system, booth outs via aux stereo aux send and a 30mm crossfader with a slow and fast curve. So whether you’re scratching or mixing for a hot club or your cousin’s Bar Mitzvah, the U.420d gives you the connection flexibility and controls that you need. Oh yeah, there’s also DAW playback via integrate FireWire I/O in addition to your 4 inputs, so any playback or performance software can be used like Abelton Live, Traktor, PCDJ, iTunes, etc…

Capturing The More Creative Moments

    We wouldn’t leave you hanging. Each U.Series production mixer includes Tracktion 3 music production software. With unlimited track count, a large array of VST plug-ins, instruments and a huge library of loops and sound effects, you’ll be making tracks as soon as you can drive home, unpack, plug-in and smoke up. Get an early start to the store so you’ll be home by 4:20.

Unprecedented Affordability And Performance

    Combine a U.420d (with the included Tracktion software) with a pair of MR5 or MR8 studio monitors and you’ve got an extremely affordable, high-performance project studio unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.