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Q Up Arts Jaeger Violins EXS V1




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Denny Jaeger Master Violin Library

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Published in the UKs Sound on Sound January 2000

Disc 1: Loud Violins

Disc 2: Soft Violins

Disc 3: Tremolos, Trills & Pizzicatos


Nothing but violin sections, painstakingly recorded at semitone intervals, compiled and seamlessly looped by an apparent obsessive (I mean that as a compliment, but if you meet Denny Jaeger at a party, don't get him started on violins). By layering short-attack samples with matching sustains, very realistic performances of anything from soft legato chords to fierce staccato melodies can be programmed. It's also worth pointing out that a violin's bottom note is G below middle C, so you will have to look elsewhere for real low-end strings. However, some artfully detuned violin section samples are provided in a valiant attempt to fill the gap.Standouts: Purely a question of musical aptitude, as the quality is excellent throughout. For a classic legato string sound, layer the '2MP' and '5MP' programs from the second disc.


Here's The Facts...

The legendary Master Violin Library for EXS! Created for professional keyboard players and arrangers.


Sections of 14 violins offered in a variety of tunings and dynamics. Volume 1 is forte to double forte.


Apple Logic EXS
Native Instruments Kontakt
Akai, Roland, Gigasampler cd.rom (special order)

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