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TC Electronic Production Bundle TDM - Download License

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TC Electronic Production Bundle TDM



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Download License! Email Delivery!

Download License! E-Mail Delivery!!

E-Mail Delivery Only!!

The Production bundle is customized to optimize your workflow. The Production bundle offers Pro Tools HD users some of the most professional plug-ins in the audio world at an exceptional price. 

If you own earlier Pro Tools products like TC Tools, Voice Tools, TDM Works, MegaReverb and Master X5 TDM, you can get further discounts by contacting TC Support.

The Production bundle includes the below pristine TDM plug-ins: 


NonLin2: NonLin2 is an effect reverb, which differs from the traditional natural sounding TC reverbs. NonLin2 is capable of generating compact vocal ambience, percussive and dramatic drum sounds, reverse reverbs and completely new “twisted” effects. Featuring an amplitude envelope that is capable of rendering an untriggered gated reverb and a 'twist' parameter, which can radically alter the sound, this plug-in delivers a serious advantage over other gated reverbs.


DVR2: TC Electronic has put much effort into preserving the qualities of the original processor, including sweet modulation, spectral balance, spaciousness and saturation. But not only is DVR2 the most precise EMT250 emulation up to now, it also emulates its predecessor in the way parameters interact for different settings. DVR2 comes with customizable presets, focus fields for tweaking and navigation, and a built-in preset converter allowing seamless import of DVR2 presets from System 6000.


VSS3: The VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb for ProTools and PowerCore is a genuine and original reverb directly ported from the System 6000. The VSS3 algorithm was researched and fine-tuned by TC engineers for over a year, resulting in an exceptionally precise tool. Similar to the chaotic response of a natural room, the VSS3 reacts differently to identical signals.


MD3: The MD3 Stereo Mastering package brings processing only known from the System 6000 to ProTools. This package presents professional production and mastering possibilities to the realm of DAWs, and integrates smoothly with serious music and film editing applications.


Tube-Tech CL1B: Emulation is being redefined with the Tube-Tech CL 1B plug-in for Digidesign® Pro Tools|HD, HD Accel & VENUE systems. The CL 1B plug-in is based upon highly advanced component emulation technology, and brings the legendary analog sound of the CL 1B compressor/limiter to the Pro Tools platform.


Harmony4: Natural, intelligent vocal harmony for ProTools HD. If you’ve dreamed of producing a hit song, you’ve surely thought about great harmonies. Now think about arranging and stacking the perfect harmony parts long after the singer has done the main work and gone home. How about adding that one last high harmony part... during mixing! Maybe you could quadruple each of the three parts your singer did in three quick passes through the plug-in.