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The Loop Loft Ableton Hip Hop Drums




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Numerous hip hop classics have been built around dusty, swinging breaks played on live drums. With Hip Hop Drums, we present a collection of breaks and single-shot sounds with the same timeless feel as the classics, all configured and customized for Ableton Live.
Break it Down
The core of Hip Hop Drums is a series of six breaks, with up to 50 variations of each main beat, plus bonus loops featuring solo percussion. All included loops are Warped and ready to drop in Live, and cover a wide variety of styles and tempos - whether it’s the skittery “JiggaWhat”, jazzy swing on “Jurassic6”, or larger-than-life distorted hits on “Whatcha”. Use the break variations to build your own series of fills and alternate patterns, or check out the included Construction Kits for evolving loops and effect presets.
Each kick, hi-hat, snare, cymbal, cowbell, bongo and other percussion instrument from each break have also been individually sampled and assembled into ready-made drum racks for banging out your own patterns. Hip Hop Drums’ sounds are easy to shape with an inspiring series of effects rack including sub bass, tape delays, New York-style parallel compression to really knock, granular timestretch, and more.  With Hip Hop Drums, you’ve got the ease and tweakability of Ableton Live with sounds straight from the vinyl vaults.
464 Live Clips, 117 Presets, 12 Live Sets

Installation size: 365.3 MB, Download size: 219.6 MB

Live Intro, Live 8 or Live Suite