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Toontrack Metal Guitar Gods 3 EZmix Pack




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Guitar and bass settings modeled and EQ-matched from the personal tones of four of the most prolific and influential players in metal today.

The third title in the Metal Guitar Gods series gives you one-click access to 50 settings modeled after the personal tones of four of the most influential guitar players in modern today: Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared), Keith Merrow (Conquering Dystopia), Andy James (solo) and Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage). Their individual styles and preferences give you a vast library of versatile presets to call up for anything from pummeling rhythm tones and soaring leads to effect-saturated clean and ambient settings.

Start riffing – the stage is yours.



• Approx. 50 guitar/bass settings based on amp and cab simulation
• Modeled and EQ-matched directly from the artists’ personal tones
• Rhythm, lead, clean and ambient tones




Keith – AmpeggedBassAmplifier
Keith – Broken GlassBassAmplifier
Keith – Hammer SmashedBassAmplifier
Ola – Dirty BassBassAmplifier
Ola – Feared BassBassAmplifier
Adam – Brute RhythmGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Adam – Clean Rhythmic DelayGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Adam – CobraGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Adam – DirtyGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Adam – Framed LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Adam – Framed Lead Dim DGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Adam – Soldier 1Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Adam – Soldier 2Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Adam – Thin CleanGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Adam – Twin TremoGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – 51 BrightGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – 51 DarkGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – 51 Semi-CrunchGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – 51 UKGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Blackie 1Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Blackie 2Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Boogie 412Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Boogie DualGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Clean ChorusGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Lead 1Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Lead 2Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Lead 3Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Marsh 60sGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Andy – Marsh LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – ArrivalGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – AwakenedGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – ConqueringGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – CowboyGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – Dimed LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – Dream DestroyerGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – Expressive High GainGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – Fried ManGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – Illuminated LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – Nuclear CleanGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – ThrashyGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Keith – Vibey ChorusGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Ola – 80s ThrashGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Ola – Clean NightmareGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Ola – Clean VibratorGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Ola – Dirty AirGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Ola – Epic LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Ola – ExodusGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Ola – Feared RhythmGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Ola – Fuzz of DoomGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Ola – Gnarly RhythmGuitar ElectricAmplifier