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Boz Digital Labs New York L Bundle Piano Plugin



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New York L 1926


2 Pianos. Same Model. Nearly a century apart.


Available Formats


  • Mac: osx 10.13 or greater (Intel and Apple Silicon)
  • Windows: 7 or greater
  • 64-bit VSTi, VSTi3, AU, AAX




  • Two pianos
  • Multiple Microphone perspectives
  • 6 Band EQ
  • Built in Reverb


No two pianos are alike, and nothing demonstrates this more than the New York L bundle. We sampled two pianos of the same model, but built in different eras. One was built in 1926, the other in 1991. NYL 1926 has an extremely resonant character that only age can provide, while NYL 1991 retains the pristine, clean sound that the manufacturer is known for.


Size Matters

Most pianos that we hear in our favorite albums weren’t recorded in a concert hall on a 9 foot grand piano. They were recorded in on shorter, less perfect pianos in smaller rooms. As much as we love the sound of massive pianos, it’s not always the right sound for a recording. Sometimes you need something more intimate. Something with a bit more character.

The Model L is not your typical 9 foot concert grand piano. It sits just under 6 feet long, giving it that shorter piano sound without being so short that the strings sound tubby and lifeless (although that can be a fun sound too). It has that characteristic “real” sound that you are used to hearing on your favorite records.




Both pianos were sampled from multiple microphone perspectives to give you all the choices you need without being overwhelmed with options. Select between close mics for an intimate sound, to room mics that capture the entire instrument (or blend them together). Add in some reverb and a 6 band Equalizer, and you have everything you need to get the exact piano sound you want.