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Xils Lab Ramses Rhythm And Motion Stereo Engine System




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R.A.M.S.E.S. will bring any signal to life with rhythm and motion : 

Add true stereo depth and space, or take it all away. 
Re-shape, re- filter, re-envelope and sculpt every source. 
Create hypnotic or robotic sequences or subtle complex human rhythms. 
Make digital signals sound analog or add velocity to your vintage true analog synth


Core Engine :

Pristine Analog Multimode Filter with exclusive Xils-lab 0-Delay-Feedback and Advanced Modelling Technologies 
Full True Stereo Engine with Dynamic Balance ( Pan) and Stereo Width Dynamic Control
Dynamic control of all volumes and gains ( Vca ) in Stereo Path
Exclusive  Spray Delay Effect : Easy, fast and intuitive to set, Impressive to listen to
Crusher Effect with Dynamic control
Combines 5 essential effects with zero compromise audio quality for the price of one
Performance, Modulations, and Dynamic Control Engines


Performance, Modulations and Dynamic Control Engines :

RITA Performance Module (Realtime Interactive Transformation Area) : Control R.A.M.S.E.S.  by playing live on a MIDI keyboard only using Note On, Note pitch, Velocity, Mod Wheel, Aftertouch, Control Pedal, Keyboard tracking etc.
Filter Control : Get total control of the multimode Analog filter with dedicated hardwired Enveloppe, LFOs, and the incredibly powerfull exclusive Xils-Lab-Le Lotus Bleu *Masks Technology.
Pan-Level Control : Control Pan and Volume with dedicated Envelope, Multiwave LFO, and another complete *Grid-Masks combo
Advanced Area : Modulate any of  91 R.A.M.S.E.S. parameters using a third *Grid-Mask area. 
Direct Midi Assignation : Automate via MIDI CC up to 91 R.A.M.S.E.S. parameters

What are the Masks ?

Mask can be seen as advanced StepSequencers, with the main difference that the length and time position of each step/Mask is completely FREE.
Simplicity and depth

Simplicity and Depth :

Easy and intuitive
Want to keep it simple ?  Ramses includes tons of presets to get you started. Grid-Masks Combos and RITA Live module also have their own dedicated templates, and you can save your own. Need instant inspiration ? Use the Random button, and generate myriads of rythmic patterns in a flash.

Intermodulations and depth in programming

A simple example : In R.A.M.S.E.S., each Mask-Step can retrigg one LFO, while this LFO can control the Decay of the filter envelope, and the filter CutOff as well. You could still control the output level of this LFO with the Mod Wheel, while controlling it’s rate with the Pitch Bend. Etc Etc. That’s how deep you can go

Listen to RAMSES, Watch Tutorial Video

Here are an example of R.A.M.S.E.S. :

R.A.M.S.E.S preset tour
A song using several instances of R.A.M.S.E.S.
The same song, without R.A.M.S.E.S.


Listen to tons of other  R.A.M.S.E.S. audio demos here

Or watch tutorials and walktrough videos  

The very short list of what R.A.M.S.E.S. can do :

Autopan, Auto-wah, Tremoloes, TranceGates, FilterGates, Turn Pad to rythms, all with dynamic control. Mix sophisticated automodulations patterns ( Up to 3 synced Masks Sequencers controlling any RAMSES parameters ) with real time playing control. On the fly Re-Creation of drumloops, or loops of any instrument. Total Space control : Stereo Width, Balance, Gain. Transform a simple oscillator into an analog synthesizer. Complex Grooves and Shuffles bypassing the rigid character of Step Sequencers ( Mask Technology ). Up to 4 bars long polyrythmic patterns. Dubbyfy any incoming audio material ( Spray Delay. Add bright and pure overtone to incoming signal in a dynamic way ( Filters autoOscillating in all modes ). Build incredible sequences with the highest level of control. 

And so much more : Ramses is only limited by your imagination !

Need to know more?


Read R.A.M.S.E.S. detailed features or Read R.A.M.S.E.S. comprehensive manual, that includes a special Getting Started chapter. 

Each R.A.M.S.E.S. section is explained in a way that’s easy to understand, and each parameter described in depth. 

You’ll also find in it many tips and tricks that you can use as idea generators.